Week 2 Summary

This week was a bit challenging for me. The blog came easily, but I had some trouble with Fireworks and Filezilla. Filezilla made me a bit nervous at first, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to FTP, and now I can. Fireworks was a bit intimidating because of the sheer number of options, but I’m confident that playing around in the program more will help me master it. I’m grateful to be going outside of my comfort zone.

I loved Chapter 3 in The Principles of Beautiful Web Design about Texture. It made me think about how every change on a webpage can affect the overall look of the page. Reading about that and learning everything else this week makes me realize that if you think globally, there is nothing you can’t create or modify on your website.

Outside resources this week were Color Symbolism Theories and Color in Motion. I especially loved Color in Motion because while there are some color meanings that I am familiar with, it was interesting to learn new ideas about colors that aren’t are common.


Week 1 Summary

Two of the lectures/reading I thought stood out were A Brief History of Markup – An A List Apart and Overview of the WWW. I found A Brief History of Markup – An A List Apart a little bit of an intimidating read. HTML is something I look forward to learning better, but am a little worried about understanding it all. Although learning the history of HTML helped a little, I had to read the article a couple of times and will probably need to read it a couple more times before I truly absorb it. I really enjoyed reading Overview of the WWW because it broke down the common, everyday terms used with regard to computers. Most of us use these terms and probably use them correctly without really knowing what the acronyms or terms truly stand for. It was interesting. I was always fascinated by the psychology of color as well, so reading chapter 2 in the textbook was fascinating. 

Videos included in this week’s module were:
An Overview of the WWW

The two web articles listed under the reading assignment for this week are:
A Brief History of Markup – An A List Apart and
What is FTP and how do I use it to Transfer Files?




At work



Welcome to my blog! I am looking forward to learning as much as I can. I’m especially excited about learning new skills and adding them to what I already know about computers. I’ve always been a technical person, and it’s wonderful to think about how much more I will know at the end of this class. I’m sure you are looking forward to the journey as much as I am.